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Right of Registration

In 2014 Nominet – the official registry for UK domains – made the country code top-level domain (ccTLD), .uk available. A 5 year Right of Registration period was announced, giving an owner of a co.uk domain 5 years to secure their .uk derivative.

This period ends at 05:00 on 25th June 2019. Domain names which have not been registered by the end of the .uk rights period will be subject to a specific release process that will take place between 1st July and 5th July 2019.

If you are yet to register your .uk domain, now is the time to do so before the Right of Registration period passes. Failure to do so could see domain squatters, or worse, competitors register the .uk version of your domain name.

Why use the Right of Registration to register a .uk domain?

Research carried out by Insight Engineers in 2018 found that 72% of consumers rank .uk domain endings as their preferred preference. Whilst .co.uk domains will remain, the .uk extension  brings the UK in line with other country specific registrars, such as France’s .fr and Germany’s .de TLDs.

If you decide to register your .uk domain, you do not need to create a site to sit on the domain, instead domain forwarding allows you to send any traffic hitting the newly created domain to your primary website.

How to enable .uk domain forwarding

This can be actioned in a few easy steps via cPanel.  Once logged in you will need to add the .uk domain as a Parked Domain. This is done by navigating to the ‘Aliases’ section and entering the domain name. Once in place, select ‘Redirects’, again located under Domains. On the page that loads you can choose whether to employ a permanent or temporary redirect – simply select the domain and enter where it forwards to.

You can register your .uk domain with us for just £6.99 + VAT per year. Remember, you only have until the 25th June  2019 to secure and protect your brand…

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