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PHP7 is coming!


At Clook, we ensure PHP versions are 100% fit for purpose before making them available on our shared and reseller platforms.

We have been testing PHP7 for some time now in both restricted and live environments. With a few select servers already having this installed, we are pleased to announce the second phase of our PHP7 implementation is ready which consists of a request-based rollout. This means that customers can request this as a secondary stack option on a shared/reseller server, along with cloud and dedicated customers.

If things don’t quite work out, you can switch your application to an older version of PHP within a matter of seconds.

We will be retaining PHP 5.6 as the primary version for as long as it’s supported. There is no ETA as of yet for removal of PHP 5.6 as the primary PHP stack.

So what is PHP 7?

PHP7 is the latest version of the PHP processing engine. It brings a plethora of new features, long term bug fixes and performance benefits to the programming language.

What happened to PHP 6?

In 2005, a project that would then be known as PHP6 was started to provide native unicode support to the programming language, however the project was then abandoned. Technically PHP6 existed (or part of), it was just never released.

 With all PHP versions, it is guaranteed there will be various features deprecated, or significant changes to some features which may break web applications. We advise that developers with bespoke applications ensure that no elements from the migration overview apply to your application prior to upgrading.

Customers with pre-built software such as Magento, WordPress and other content management systems are best checking with their vendor to ensure that the application version they are using is compatible with PHP 7 before taking the plunge.

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