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Package changes – more than just a number


We occasionally get asked about increasing package specifications (possibly in line with more recent developments in hard drive capacities) thinking it’s just a case of us altering a few limits at our side so I thought I’d tell a story to provide some insight on how this isn’t always the case.

Think of the scenario… we have a server with 100 GB of space on the hard drive for user accounts which we put ten reseller accounts on, each having 10 GB space allocated.  Fast forward in time to when we may have servers with larger hard drives and 200 GB set aside for clients so wish to increase our packages to provide 20 GB space with reseller accounts instead of 10 GB.

This is all well and good for new orders on the new servers but what do we do about the older accounts owned by clients who have been with us for some time?  If they wish to change to a new package in best case scenario we will then have a server that is massively oversold and in worst case all clients may try to use their new increased space and the drives will fill up.  We can’t just give the increased packages to new clients when the loyal clients on older packages are paying the same price for half the space so it creates quite a situation.

We have been planning some changes to our reseller account package specifications for some time now with the work involved in this taking place over the last six months.  Dozens of speedy, larger drives have been purchased and a lot of servers have been migrated in advance of launching the new packages to allow all clients (old and new) to enjoy the new packages if they wish, without fear of creating an oversold server or filling up the drive.

With this work nearing completion after a lot of work and hardware investment we will soon be ready to launch our new reseller packages. However, next time you may think a web host is being miserable for not rolling out large package upgrades at a moments notice just remember that things may not be so simple!

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