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After 2 years in the making with the involvement of 4 different designers I’m overjoyed to be writing this blog post about our new website.

Much of the subject matter remains the same but we’ve modernised the look and feel of the site and also made a few things more prominent such as this blog and a few services that didn’t feature as much on the old website. We’ll be adding some great new services and service enhancements over the coming days and weeks.

A few things of interest in this new website:

1. Domain change
The website is now served from with redirects in place for other domains. Update your bookmarks please 🙂

2. Testimonials
We’re now pulling in testimonials from Twitter, our forum and emails so feel free to send us your comments!

3. Staff photos
Photo’s are gradually getting added so everyone can put a face to the name when hearing from us.

4. New Datacentre photos
We hired the services of a professional photographer to take some pictures of the datacentre we use – thanks again Neil!

5. And my personal favourite page on the new siteContact Us

Feel free to browse around and come back often. Let us know any thoughts in a comment to this post or in our Community Forum!

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