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Reseller Packages – Is yours up to date?

reseller packages

As we enter our 15th year providing hosting, our reseller packages have come a long way. We are now on the fourth reincarnation of reseller accounts – each upgrade bringing with it an increase in resources.

The current reseller packages were introduced in January 2016 and saw a minimum increase in disc space of 6GB. Customers switching from Reseller-4 to the new Reseller-200 product would see their disc space allowance improve from 40GB to 100GB.

It’s not just disc space that has been improved upon. Bandwidth allowances have also been increased across all packages with the lowest packages seeing an improvement of 60GB per month – that’s a 150% increase. Whilst the other packages may not see such a dramatic jump – users switching will benefit from at least 100GB extra data transfer allowance.

A feature we have introduced to the new set of reseller accounts is a limit on the number of accounts permitted. For the vast majority of customers this will not be an issue however those hosting a large amount of small websites may be better placed staying on their current package.

If you have accounts that are taking up a lot of space through email use then an email only package may be a solution. Whilst not a recent addition to our range of services, this product has seen a revision of quotas too – for example, 20GB of email storage can be gained for £10 per month on our email-2 product. Minimal changes are required – in most cases all of the set up is handled by the tech team here meaning the switch is seamless.

If you are looking to make the switch it is something that can be done quickly and easily via the client portal. This knowledgebase article provides step by step instructions. A change of package does not involve any downtime or migration and is something that can be completed within minutes.

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