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New cPanel backup system

Introducing our new cPanel backup system…

Advanced cPanel backup

After months of testing we will soon be launching our new advanced backup system to all shared and reseller clients (available at a small extra fee for cloud/dedicated servers).

This new system replaces our current backup process of storing a daily backup archive (< 24 hours old), a weekly archive (1-7 days old) and a monthly archive (1-30 days old) which only we have access to with clients needing to contact us to have anything restored.

With the new system we take a snapshot every day and allow restores from any one of the last 30 daily archives.  Along with full accounts, restores can be made of individual files/directories, email accounts, DNS zones, databases and SSL certificates.  While we can do this on request, the process can also be done by end users from our cPanel control panel at any time of day or night without ever contacting us.

In addition to the above, we have a new snapshotting feature which allows clients to generate a one off snapshot when carrying out website updates/changes allowing the files, account or database to be rolled back in just a few mouse clicks if things don’t go to plan.

While this system is already in use on a handful of servers, we will be rolling it out to all others in the coming weeks.  Shared hosting servers will be done first and reseller account servers done next with the whole process expected to take 4-6 weeks.  If you’re not seeing the new features yet, sit tight and we’ll get to your server as fast as we can!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you have a cloud/dedicated server you wish to use the new backup system on.  However, before contacting us with requests to speed up the rollout please remember that we have no fixed timescale for each individual server and will unfortunately won’t be able to shift any servers or clients to the top of the queue on request.

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