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LiteSpeed or RAM Increase to Improve Server Performance?

Regular readers of our blog will be aware of our affinity to LiteSpeed. This drop in piece of software is a great way to improve server performance without breaking the bank.

This week, one of our long-standing users contacted us concerned that one of their websites was gradually seeing degraded performance. This is becoming a regular occurrence as Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Magento add in built features, themes increase in size, certain plug-ins are seen as a must have and before you know it, the resources required to run a website are double or triple of what was needed just a couple of years ago.

Our client was finding that their Cloud Server was struggling to cope using the resources allocated – in this instance, their server was specced with 4GB of RAM and 2 CPU Cores. Monitoring software was installed and it was found that the server required on average between 5GB and 6GB of RAM, however it was shown that increasing to 7GB would be recommended to cover spikes when the server was particularly busy.

Improve Server Performance
Rather than adding a further 3GB of RAM it was suggested they trial LiteSpeed – The software replaces the existing web server software and can be installed within a few minutes. The result was a dramatic drop in RAM use on the server…

Server with LiteSpeed
Average memory use has dropped from 5GB – 6GB to just over 2GB.

For the client this means that he can actually decrease RAM on the server. Of course there is a cost to the LiteSpeed licence however this works out cheaper than if they were to increase RAM to 7GB. They will also be benefiting from LiteSpeed’s caching features and inbuilt security add-ons.

LiteSpeed is a great add-on to improve server performance and is something we can install on a no obligation trial – please contact us for more information…

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