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How to start a Reseller Hosting business

how to start a reseller hosting business

If you’re looking to learn how to start a reseller hosting business, you’ve come to the right place!

Starting any new venture can be daunting. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We ourselves started on Reseller Hosting, way back in 2002. We know a lot of the pitfalls to look out for as well as the must-haves when getting your own reseller hosting business started.

Below are our top tips for getting your reseller hosting business off the ground. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can reference it later.


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How to start a Reseller Hosting business

Find a reliable Reseller hosting provider

This should be your first priority when getting your reseller hosting business started.

If you don’t have a reliable reseller hosting provider in mind, I’d definitely recommend that you start your research now. After all, your entire reseller hosting business relies heavily on your hosting provider.

A top tip here is: Don’t fall into the trap of finding the cheapest provider.

Yes you may make a little more money per website that you host but you’ll quickly find that you lose customers due to poor uptime records and service.

  • Focus on finding a reseller hosting provider that:
  • Is available during the hours that you work
  • Converses in your language
  • Can evidence their uptime and support levels
  • Has appropriate qualifications to show they meet certain standards, e.g ISO 27001 and 9001
  • Responds quickly to issues (try contacting their support department rather than their sales team…)
  • Matches your ethos. Do they provide “green hosting” and so on.

Billing Software

Without an automated way of handling the billing aspect of web hosting, you’ll quickly find that you spend more and more time being weighed down with paperwork.

You can avoid all this by finding reseller hosting billing software that automates your billing for you. This way, your invoicing system can communicate with your billing software and vice versa. For example if someone’s invoice is overdue, you can automatically suspend their website.

This saves a lot of administration and time and helps you to keep on top of your cash flow, by ensuring that invoices are paid on time.

Our Reseller Hosting packages come with Clientexec which takes the hard work out of invoicing your clients and allows you to focus on growing your reseller hosting business.

Also worthy of a look is WHMCS which is very similar to Cientexec and also includes a ticket system.

An effective CRM system

When you first start out hosting its fairly easy to remember customer details.

This gets more difficult as your number of clients increases. A good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps not only to keep existing customers happy, it can also help with onboarding new clients.

A good CRM system can also help you account management. Helping you to retain your web hosting customers and drive down cancellations.

There are plenty of reseller hosting CRM options. From enterprise solutions such as Zendesk to free options such as Zoho.

Whatever you decided to use, make sure it’s fairly simple so that you use it and captures the key data you need to improve sales and retention.

Reseller Hosting Customer Support System

Your customers will get in touch with support related queries. Initially you may find that email works for you and your customer support requirements.

As your business and team expands, email becomes more cumbersome and it becomes increasingly difficult to track support requests amongst the support team. How do you ensure queries are dealt with on different shifts etc.

We’d recommend you review ticketing systems early on, even before you decide you need one so that before support requests get on top of you, you’re ready to make the switch.

Some reseller hosting ticket systems to review are:

WHMCS (yes it’s a billing system at it’s core but it also has an inbuilt ticket system)
Zendesk (also a CRM system)

A good coffee machine 🙂

No that’s not a joke, running a hosting business is a 24 hour operation. You’re going to need a good source of caffeine to keep you going during the small hours!

That is unless you manage to find a reliable Reseller Hosting provider who monitors services 24 hours a day 365 days a year like ourselves 🙂


I hope you found our guide on how to start a reseller hosting business useful.

Here at Clook, we specialise in Reseller Hosting. We like to think that we offer the best reseller hosting in the UK… our customer reviews certainly back up this bold statement!

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