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In the current climate it’s likely that a lot of our users will have time available to look at admin tasks that they may not have previously thought to complete. Checking that your Clook Client Portal details are up to date is good practise but could also see you save money…

Customers should log into the Clook Client Portal here.

Contact Information

Your contact details are displayed on the left hand sidebar on the home page. You can check and edit these by clicking the ‘Update’ button. From here users can edit their address, email address and phone number. If the primary contact on the profile needs amending or if a business name is to be added/changed please let us know.

Authorised Contacts

You may wish to add another user who can access the account and associated services. A wide range of permissions are available – it’s possible to set an additional user to just receive invoice emails and then be able to pay them. If you have a web developer you may wish to give them access to the products and services. All this is possible – we have a knowledgebase article which details the steps involved.

Payment Methods

We operate automatic billing and also have the option for clients to put in place a Direct Debit. Automatic billing is when a card is stored on the profile and payment attempts are made against any due invoices on their due date. No need to log in each month, just simple and straightforward billing with receipts sent upon successful capture.

Security Details

Is it time to update your password? Over time passwords become compromised and it is recommended to update them regularly. You can edit your password within the Clook Client Portal and through the Security Settings tab it’s possible to set up a security question and enable Two-Factor Authentication.

Your Service

You can access your services via Services > My Services – a list of all products is then displayed. The majority of Clook clients stay with us for over five years and during that time naturally their usage increases and users scale up the packages. It’s worth looking at the disc space you are using including what proportion is used through email. In recent years we have introduced dedicated email only servers which provide additional email space at cheaper costs.

Domain Names

Just like your Client Portal profile, it’s important to ensure your contact details are up to date. If it’s an important domain we also recommend activating the auto-renew function – This means an invoice will automatically be generated and a payment attempt made against your default method.


If you are wondering whether you are on the right package for your requirements please do get in touch…

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