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Google Chrome bookmarks dealbreaker

I love Chrome as it’s lightweight, stable, standards compliant and seems so much quicker in everyday use while browsing the net. However, I’m heavily reliant on my bookmarks library with hundreds of them organised into neat folders which, thanks to having the screen real estate, are a permanent fixture in my browser sidebar. For this reason alone I remain a Firefox user and can’t entertain any notion of changing to Chrome.

So Google, please, oh pretty please, add a bookmarks sidebar to your Chrome browser.

I understand that you aim to revolutionise the way we use the web as you do throughout all of your products but the lack of a bookmarks sidebar is simply a hurdle too high for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty malleable when it comes to technology… as a hardcore Windows user since v3.1 I changed over to MacOS a few years ago, a hardcore Blackberry user who couldn’t do without a “proper qwerty keyboard” I now love my iPhone and there are countless pieces of software that I previously “couldn’t live without” that no longer feature in my everyday life having been replaced by other software or completely different ways of doing things.

A quick search on the net reveals many others who are in the same position. With so many feature requests with thousands upon thousands of views and comments it surely must be a sign of what your (potential) user base want?!searchin/chrome/chrome$20bookmarks$20sidebar|sort:date

If you add this feature it will undoubtedly increase the number of full time Chrome users significantly. There is no need for it to be the same as all the other browsers and I’m sure there is room for “revolutionisation” but please have the traditional sidebar arrangement as a starting point rather than the cumbersome popup hover menu that is currently in place (and impossible to use when working with a lot of items).

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