GDPR Web Hosting for Clook Resellers

The majority of questions we are receiving relate to GDPR web hosting provided to our reseller clients.

GDPR Web Hosting for Resellers

To become GDPR compliant by the 25th May you should be well underway with learning what is required and be implementing new policies and procedures throughout your organisation.

As a business owner you should be reviewing your existing contracts and checking the data protection sections within them. It is possible the clauses within these contracts will need to be updated to ensure that the data protection obligations reflect the GDPR requirements otherwise, you run the risk of breaching the GDPR as soon as it applies when it comes into force.

Our contract with you is formed when you agree to our terms of business. We have spent the Winter working with a specialist law firm redrafting our terms and these are due to come into force shortly. A section on Data Protection reaffirms our commitment to GDPR and covers Article 28 EU GDPR relating to processors.

The GDPR states that as a controller, you must ensure that processing carried out by a processor meets all the requirements of the GDPR (not just those related to keeping personal data secure).

As a web designer, developer or agency hosting your clients on servers or hosting platforms provided by Clook, you are by default choosing us to be a sub-processor of your client’s data.

If you have web hosting with Clook that is used to host your own clients you need to be aware of the role Clook play

As a GDPR Web Hosting processor our responsibilities are:

Processing activities such as creating and holding back-ups of server data are performed as part of our contract with you and do not require a separate written instruction.

Similarly, the processing of your customer data to register domains or activate SSL Certificates is done within GDPR guidlines – we only use sub-processors who are GDPR compliant.

The steps we have taken to ensure our business adheres to the new General Data Protection Regulation forms just a part of what you need to do to become GDPR compliant yourself. This article details other areas you should be focusing on, however you can rest assured Clook as a supplier to your organisation are providing GDPR Web Hosting.

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