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GDPR and UK Domain Names

GDPR and UK Domain Names

Yesterday Nominet announced a number of changes to procedures ahead of the GDPR coming in to force from 25th May…

For you, the domain registrant, nothing will change. Your domain registrations and renewals will be handled the same as before, however your details will now automatically not be shown on the Whois database unless you provide explicit consent to show your information publicly.

GDPR and UK Domain Names – The Whois Directory

For those unaware, the Whois Directory is a public database of domain names. Previously all registrant details were made public unless you registered a domain as an individual and opted out of service. A typical listing would read as follows:


Whilst it may be beneficial for a business to have their contact details available for public viewing, individuals are more likely to prefer not to have their home address shown. This update to the Terms of Service will put an end to home addresses being shown by default.

Police and other enforcement agencies will still be able to obtain domain registrant information. Other parties wishing to gain unpublished information must submit a request an access request directly to Nominet.

Overall, the effect of GDPR and UK Domain Names is fairly minimal with the key change likely to be viewed has an improvement on the current way of working.

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