Front-End Framework Foundation 5 Released

Web Development & Design/ 26th Nov 2013/Karl B

Perhaps one of the more well established front-end design frameworks, Zurb’s “Foundation”, has reached version 5!

For those unfamiliar, Foundation features everything you’d expect from a truly fully featured framework.  Anyone who’s gotten hands on with Twitter’s Bootstrap, of which has been getting a lot of press this past couple of years, will no longer find themselves struggling to figure out how to make it look a little less “bootstrappy” (yes, that’s a term we’ve heard banded around here quite often).

The idea behind foundation is to be lightweight and unobtrusive, yet to provide a solid, fully featured base from which to build upon.  It’s innovative, responsive, and lightweight, everything we love to see in a framework which is designed to sit at the heart of your code.

Those of you that already know and love Foundation should note the following changes from version 4:

A full list of changes can be found via the Foundation website, as well as a detailed migration guide too!

If you’ve been using Foundation over the years will note that the documentation has had a serious overhaul recently, it’s looking much better, and is much easier to follow.

So, there you have it.  Checkout Foundation and all it’s features here, and you can discuss Foundation and anything else web-development related over here in our customer forums.

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