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Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

Following on from my post Which WordPress Editor is Best? I explore the Elementor Page Builder – a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor which claims it allows users to create beautiful websites using a simple, intuitive drag and drop interface.

I’ve traditionally built sites for my clients combining the classic editor and a downloaded theme – a free one where possible, if not one through a site such as Theme Forest or ThemeIsle. An easy way to create a professional looking website however they are often restrictive in what can be edited or require fiddly CSS changes to customise. The introduction of Gutenburg in WordPress 5.0 made me explore other options, and it was a project for one of my regular clients where I stepped out of my comfort zone. Dan’s site was built using WP Bakery – another WYSIWYG editor – and I was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward it was to use but also how well it performed in GTMetrix & Pingdom page speed scores.

More recently I was asked to update a site for another client, however she had lost touch with her original developer and did not have any access details. This led to me trying Elementor for the first time and replicating the original site where possible. I also made use of animations, shortcodes and other integrations to create a modern looking, easy to use website – academy.trendypooches.com.

Whilst it may seem daunting creating a website from a blank canvas, Elementor has a large number of page and section templates that can be downloaded – it’s then a case of editing where necessary. It’s also possible to obtain full site themes if you wish. Once loaded up, the page builder is drag and drop – select the item you wish to add, place it on your page and edit away. Shown below in this image produced by WPAstra (An excellent no frills theme that works in the background with Elementor.)


Elementor Features

Elementor is packed full of features and is fully responsive. One item I’ve found useful has been being able to set different display attributes for PC & mobile at a click of a button. Shortcodes are fully compatible, it’s also possible to use sidebars – setting different bars per page or site wide.  Yoast SEO plug-in is able to crawl the data on the page and advise what’s required to achieve a good SEO score.

Another recent site – Doggy Directory was completed in just a few days and makes use of Elementor and Web 2.0 Directory to provide a full dog service directory…

Doggy Directory

After initially being sceptical over drag and drop editors – I had the impression they were bulk, full of requests, slow and not well optimised for search engine ranking – Elementor has quickly become my go to tool for website building. Trendy Pooches, Doggy Directory & Dog Grooming Preston have all been created using it’s simple interface.

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