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Hosting for Resellers: A cheap way to host multiple websites

Reseller Hosting

We have many clients who host more than 1 website with us here at Clook. A reseller is an ideal way to do so however there are presently there are several ways to achieve this:

  • Purchase a shared-hosting account for each site
  • Use the ‘add-on domain’ facility available to shared hosting packages
  • Take a reseller account in order to host the domains

Each has their own merits – a shared account per site keeps things nice and simple though can be expensive. The add-on facility keeps cost down but can have adverse affects on performance – a reseller account is a good midground solution.

A reseller is primarily aimed at web designers, developers and small agencies who would purchase hosting space, split it into packages and then host their clients. More recently we are seeing more and more personal consumers and small businesses take this type of package taking advantage of the higher disc space limits.

Is a reseller for me?

If you have 2 or more websites online then it is likely that you will be able to save money and take advantage of increased disc space quotas available to reseller clients. You will also find that you have more resources available to you as a reseller than as a shared hosting user.

Imagine a reseller account to be like a large, master hosting account. Our reseller packages make use of cPanel therefore they have all the features of shared hosting, plus a whole lot of additional features using WHM (Web Host Manager). You are able to create multiple shared hosting accounts, under the control of the master profile.

Clients who are comfortable using the cPanel back office should find the switch to reseller quite seamless and of course, the Clook Support Team are on hand 24/7 should you have any questions.

The difference between shared and a reseller

It is possible to host multiple websites under 1 shared hosting account using the Add-On Domain facility. If these sites aren’t heavy on traffic or resource heavy then the user should have no problems, however if the sites use WordPress for example and make use of plugins you could find that the resources assigned to the package aren’t enough to cope with high demand. This is because resources are split over the account and are then shared between the number of sites hosted.

With a reseller account, each website that is hosted has it’s own resources allocated. This avoids the potential problems of shared hosting. It also means that if one site suddenly had a spike in traffic, the other accounts would not be affected.

The main difference you will see between shared and a reseller is the introduction of Web Host Manager. WHM allows you to set your own package limits for disc space and bandwidth, manage DNS and more. You will have an overview of all of your hosted sites and have direct access to each cPanel account.

The main advantages of a reseller

  • Ability to manage all your domains and cPanel accounts from one single login
  • Pay one monthly, semi annual or annual invoice, instead of several
  • Greater control. You may set disk space usage and bandwidth limits for each account
  • Personal nameservers if required
  • Domain redirection

Details of our reseller packages can be found on the website. Prices start from just £15 per month with the ability to host 20 separate sites.

If you are a current Clook customer with multiple sites looking to upgrade or are simply searching for somebody to host your websites then please do contact our excellent sales team if you have any queries…

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See how Clook is the best choice for your Reselling Hosting Business.

Reseller Hosting
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