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Front-End Framework Foundation 5 Released

Web Development & Design/ 26th Nov 2013/Karl B

Perhaps one of the more well established front-end design frameworks, Zurb’s “Foundation”, has reached version 5! For those unfamiliar, Foundation features everything you’d expect from a truly fully featured framework.  Anyone who’s gotten hands on with Twitter’s Bootstrap, of which has been getting a lot of press this past couple of years, will no longer […]

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Create a Website with WordPress in Under 5 Minutes

Web Development & Design/ 20th Nov 2013/Karl B

People come to us wondering just how easy it will be for them to get a website up and running using WordPress, along with some of the themes commonly found freely over at To answer that question, it’s easy.  Seriously easy. For new websites, a shared hosting account is all you need.  It features […]

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@clookinternet going the extra mile with support for me today - thanks guys! #brilliant #perfect #web #hosting

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