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Client Spotlight: How BrightRed Digital Soared to New Heights with Clook’s Web Hosting Solutions

What Brought BrightRed Digital to Clook?

Two years ago, BrightRed Digital, a renowned digital marketing and web design agency, embarked on a transformative journey. As their focus shifted from web application development to digital marketing, a gap formed in their web hosting expertise. Faced with the challenge of maintaining their high-standard services while implementing this change, BrightRed found themselves in need of a reliable web hosting partner.

Why Did BrightRed Digital Choose Clook’s Web Hosting Solutions?

Robert Clarke, BrightRed’s director, evaluated various providers, seeking a partner who could help them sail smoothly through their transitional phase. Clook stood out, not just for our web hosting solutions, but for our commitment to understand and address BrightRed’s unique needs. Our extensive experience, 24/7/365 support, and a knack for offering bespoke solutions were key factors that led BrightRed to choose us as their web hosting ally.

How Did Clook Help BrightRed Communicate Effectively with Their Clients?

The transition to a new hosting solution could have been disruptive, but Clook made sure it wasn’t. We provided BrightRed with all the technical information they needed, empowering them to communicate effectively with their clients. This collaboration resulted in a seamless migration of applications, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from clients validated the success of this migration.

How Has Clook Enhanced BrightRed’s Service Offering?

BrightRed Digital is committed to delivering excellence. However, before partnering with Clook, they felt that this standard was compromised by their previous hosting providers. Our robust and reliable web hosting solutions gave them the confidence to offer a comprehensive service package to their clients. They were no longer just a digital marketing and web design agency, but also a provider of high-quality web hosting services.

What Has Been the Personal Impact of Clook’s Partnership on BrightRed’s Leadership?

Clook’s impact wasn’t just at an organisational level. For Robert Clarke, our partnership had a personal impact too. He shares, “For me, personally, it feels like I’ve got my ‘geeks’ back. I missed them more than I thought possible.” This sentiment highlights how Clook’s technical expertise supplemented the skills gap left by BrightRed’s transitioning team.

Partnering with Clook doesn’t just mean getting a web hosting service; it means getting a team that becomes a part of your own, helping your business reach its full potential. Experience superior customer service and Clook’s Web Hosting Solutions with us today!

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