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Nominet Introduce Shorter .UK Domain Extensions

Tech Talk/ 20th Nov 2013/Karl B

The body responsible for .UK domains, Nominet, have issued a press release today detailing the approval and subsequent plans to roll out the new shorter and simpler .UK ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain), due to be available from Summer 2014.  The new .UK domains will run alongside .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .NET.UK and so on.  The […]

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Create a Website with WordPress in Under 5 Minutes

WordPress/ 20th Nov 2013/Karl B

People come to us wondering just how easy it will be for them to get a website up and running using WordPress, along with some of the themes commonly found freely over at To answer that question, it’s easy.  Seriously easy. For new websites, a shared hosting account is all you need.  It features […]

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Clook Internet partners with CloudFlare!

Company News/ 17th Oct 2013/Karl B

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our CloudFlare addon to all hosting clients.  CloudFlare is a web security and caching system which can automatically protect your website from many security threats and bots along with speed up the site to visitors due to it’s global caching mechanisms. Best of all, CloudFlare can be added […]

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Name a Server!

Off Topic/ 15th Oct 2013/Karl B

Some of our more keen customers may be aware that we name all our servers after well known guitarists, here’s your chance to have a server named after a guitarist of your choice! This can make for some interesting names, such as Doherty, Duff and Buckethead for instance.  I’ll tell you, troubleshooting client email issues […]

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Heavily discounted billing software available

Company News/ 20th Aug 2013/Karl B

We are pleased to announce the availability of ClientExec and WHMCS licenses, from just £4 and £5 respectively, a huge saving compared to heading direct! ClientExec and WHMCS are complete client management, support and billing software packages, which enable you to run a company offering hosting solutions and other services (such as web design) with […]

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Clook Towers v2.0

Off Topic/ 19th Aug 2013/Karl B

With more office based staff joining us here at Clook Towers, it dawned on us that things were beginning to get a little on the cosy side.  So, with a larger premises becoming available just upstairs it meant we were able to move with relative ease. As we know some of you are a nosey lot, […]

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End of Line Dedicated Server Sale

Company News/ 15th Jan 2013/Karl B

We have the following “End of Line” dedicated servers available.  These are not for sale on our main site due to having since upgraded our dedicated server offerings, these can be found here. These are first come, first served, typically they’ve only had a few months of use already though some are nearly brand-new; once […]

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A new range of GlobalSign SSL certificates

Company News/ 08th Jan 2013/Karl B

We’re delighted to roll out our new range of SSL certificates backed by GlobalSign, a world leading and extremely credible certification authority. An SSL certificate is a great way to instil trust within your sites visitors, especially for those whom operate website that’re dealing with financial information and potential customers/leads personal details.  With prices starting […]

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