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IPv6 and what it means

Tech Talk/ 29th Mar 2017/Arran Short

You have probably heard the term IPv6 floating around the internet, or even IPv4. IPv6 in short is the succession to IPv4, the fourth iteration of the internet protocol. These schemes are IP address protocols which is the underlying technology behind the IP addresses on your home internet connection, servers and routers. The problem is, […]

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PHP7 is coming!

Company News/ 26th Aug 2016/Arran Short

At Clook, we ensure PHP versions are 100% fit for purpose before making them available on our shared and reseller platforms. We have been testing PHP7 for some time now in both restricted and live environments. With a few select servers already having this installed, we are pleased to announce the second phase of our […]

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Use Cloudflare as a traditional CDN

Tips and Guides/ 21st Oct 2015/Arran Short

Integrating Cloudflare into our cPanel servers has proven very popular over the years, however occasionally some customers do not require all of the features of Cloudflare and just want to use it more like a traditional CDN where static objects are accessed via a different domain or subdomain. We have been spending time working out […]

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Datacentre Deployment: New Racks (Part 1)

Tech Talk/ 06th Aug 2015/Arran Short

Deploying new server racks is a delicate process, and a lot can go wrong if it’s not done correctly. Each and every element needs to be thought out with precision, such as cable lengths, amount of power to each rack and even positioning of switches and management of cables. We’re providing an inside-peek on the primary stage […]

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Google Introduces reCAPTCHA 2

Security/ 04th Dec 2014/Arran Short

Yesterday Google has released its new version of reCAPTCHA, a service it acquired back in 2009. Since Google acquired reCAPTCHA not much has changed until now. What is reCAPTCHA? reCAPTCHA is probably one of the most advanced CAPTCHA dialogs. It has been well renowned for its accuracy in preventing bots from submitting forms, but making it easier […]

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