A new range of GlobalSign SSL certificates

We’re delighted to roll out our new range of SSL certificates backed by GlobalSign, a world leading and extremely credible certification authority.

An SSL certificate is a great way to instil trust within your sites visitors, especially for those whom operate website that’re dealing with financial information and potential customers/leads personal details.  With prices starting at just £12.50 (applies to a 4 year term), we’re able to offer a range of certificates all of which offer site seals as standard for visitor reassurance, all the way up to full “Green Bar” SSL complete with $1.5M warranty as offered by our Extended SSL options.

For those that’re familiar with the certificates we previously had on offer, below is a table detailing the equivalents:

Budget, RapidSSL, AlphaSSL
Premium, QuickSSL, DomainSSL
Business Verification, BusinessID, OrganisationSSL
Full "Green Bar" SSL, EV Certificate, ExtendedSSL[/table]
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