A day in the life of James

Over the next few weeks, we are giving you a look behind the scenes of the everyday goings on at Clook. Today we grab James for a quick chat about his day.

James is part of our Tech Support team and is qualified in Network Engineering & Cyber Security. 

Let’s see what an average day for James looks like…


Get up, shower, get ready for work – it’s important even though we are WFH to get up and get ready – helps the mental state, go downstairs, put the toast in and kettle on, let the dog out, lay down the dog-food, grab the probably burned toast and make the first brew of the day.


Let the dog back in, return up the stairs to my “home office”, get situated in the chair, load up the timesheet system & clock in, say hello to the team on Slack, load up all the windows I need for work and get started answering customer queries and/or answering the phone.


Usually by this time we’ve cleared the “morning rush” and it’s a good time to check over the monitoring dashboard for any alerts that may have been missed or need to be resolved, I’ll go downstairs and grab the second brew of the day and possibly some hobnobs.


Cleared all the alerts I can I’ll head over to our project management board and check for any new feature requests to make support’s life easier and implement them where possible, generally taking on smaller tasks before lunch because I am STARVING.


Lunchtime hits. In support we’ll stagger our lunch times between 1-2 to ensure the support desk doesn’t go unmanned keeping our 5* support going throughout the day, I’ll buckle down on support helpdesk as I usually take my lunch later.


I’ve probably forgotten to take my lunch in the hustle and bustle so will order Uber Eats, that’s my excuse anyway.


After lunch has been consumed I’ll check in with the support team, keeping an eye on the helpdesk and generally lend a hand wherever possible.


Usually a little quieter after lunch as customers return to work, the perfect opportunity to take a look over the other departments we manage (migrations / abuse) to ensure nothing has been missed or needs attention.


The home stretch, nearing 5pm! Ticket/call counts tend to rise during this period as people finish up for the day, I’ll take a final look over the departments and monitoring to ensure it’s the cleanest as possible for the next shift starting.


After 5pm it’s time to unwind, put the feet up or… Return to bed for an hour because I am and old old man.

Throughout your day.

Throughout my day I’m keeping in touch with the team, making sure everyone is OK with what they’re doing and keeping up general communication during the trying times 🙂

Our top level support is the key to our success.

We are dedicated to being more than just your web hosting provider, we prefer to be your long term business partner. Our team work and train hard in keeping up to date with industry best practices to give you cutting edge expertise and support.

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