A Day in the Life of David

This week, we grab David for a chat about what an average day for him looks like.

David is part of our tech support team is always advancing his coding skills. Creating handy scripts using Bash, PHP and Javascript, David helps make advancements to our internal processes and monitoring platforms.


Around 8am I head out to my converted garage office and catch up with notes and developments since my last shift. I make a start on answering the early support queries form our clients and help the achieve their tasks for the day.

At 9am I say “hi” to everyone starting at 9 and we get stuck in to the morning rush.
I like to grab a coffee and a have a snack to keep me going until lunchtime.

Running parallel to tickets & calls, I work on our internal projects and create/maintain internal tools that help with the efficiency & monitoring our services.


It’s around 12pm and that means Lunchtime! I generally reheat whatever i’ve batch cooked at the weekend, or nip out for a treat on Fridays. Left-over chilli for lunch is great, especially when I’ve got the spiciness just right.

After lunch we usually get another peak of support tickets leading in to mid-afternoon.
It’s a good time to grab another
 coffee and a piece of fruit for sustenance.

Towards the end of my working day I wrap up any open projects and hand over to the evening shift. If there is an ongoing task, I’ll put together a quick hand-over note for the when the evening team comes online. 

Throughout my day I’m keeping in touch with the team, making sure everyone is OK with what they’re doing and keeping up general communication. We are all currently working remotely and our support chat rooms along with video calls is a great way for us all to collaborate on tickets and ongoing projects.

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