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7 Reasons why to choose our managed web hosting platforms

Running an online business can feel like you’re constantly spinning plates. There are many day-to-day activities to complete, and it only takes one disruption to throw everything behind schedule. Choosing a managed web hosting solution is one less plate to spin.

Technical issues can be a massive cause of the disruption. When you don’t have access to help and support, it is hard to keep on schedule.


What is the difference between unmanaged and managed web hosting?

Website hosting involves running servers that hold all your files and settings. Most website hosting uses the same types of computer hardware. However, they can be configured in many different ways.

If you’re unsure what website hosting is, jump over to our complete article: What is website hosting? How does it work?

Some companies choose to manage their servers in-house and employ engineers to maintain their systems. This tends to be a very expensive approach and you’ll become reliant on the engineers being able to fix issues.

Managed hosting service is when you pay a 3rd party company to run a server, and effectively you are renting the server from them. They’ll be tasked daily with keeping the server running and giving you technical support. Usually, this support is over the phone, email and LiveChat.

Choosing a company with a good track record for support is critical.

Choosing Clook for your managed web hosting

Back in 2002, our founder Chris James identified an issue with being able to find reliable suppliers that you could trust. He vowed when creating Clook, that our constant support, reliability and trustworthiness would be second to no other.

“It’s fair to say that I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly on the customer service spectrum.
I vowed to be different. To treat everyone as though they were my most important customer. Whether they were paying five pounds or several hundred pounds a month for their service.”
– Chris James MD

Customer service

20 years in business, all of the Clook team aim to exceed your expectations. From a handful of customers, we started with, we now help keep nearly 100 thousand websites online!

We spend time continually training everyone in our team making sure we keep up to date with advancements in the industry. It also helps that we all like to ‘geek out’ on tech!

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Infrastructure, technology and performance

Since day one, we have always controlled our servers. Technology has come in leaps and bounds over the last 20 years and we’ve grown in specification, knowledge and hardware.

We have a continual aim of providing fast, reliable and robust hosting server hardware. Our engineers have 24/7 access, and we closely monitor them 24/7/365.

Website page load time

Websites consist of files that contain code, and it is up to the hosting server and network to server these files to a browser when a user requests them. Nobody likes having to wait for things, and website page load speed is down to a matter of milliseconds.

A slow website can cause issues with a negative user experience, people leaving the site straight away and having a low performance on search engines.

We spend time making sure our servers are at their optimal best performance.

Our UK based datacenters

Our datacentre operators are a member of The Green Grid industry body and comply with the European Code of Conduct for Datacentre Operators’ best practice guidelines.

They have been externally audited and certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security) standards.

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Keeping backups of your website files and settings is extremely important. In website development, things can often go wrong. Having a backup helps you roll back your website and get things back up and running.

All of Clook’s managed web hosting packages are generous with disk space and there’s a cost-effective solution for everyone.

Something for everyone (developer and novice-friendly hosting)

We have a vast range of clients with a variety of requirements. From hobbyists with their little corner of the internet through to large corporate companies with multiple websites, we have solutions catered for everyone.

Our support team appreciate this and can help everyone. You don’t have to be technically minded and we’ll bust the jargon for you. We can also geek out with the best of them and love talking tech if you need to.

No contracts and a 30-day money-back guarantee

We’ve vowed to be different. To treat everyone as though they are our most important customers. Whether they were paying five pounds or several hundred pounds a month for their service.

You can be confident in placing your trust in Clook to fully support your managed web hosting.

Our promise to you is that you’ll love our Website Hosting, or you can have your money back.


Choosing the best, most suitable managed web hosting you need will save you a lot of time and money. We host nearly 100 thousand websites now for a large variety of clients and can help you find your best solution.

Why choose Clook to host your website?

  • Excellent customer service
  • Over 20 years in business
  • Advanced technology, infrastructure and performance
  • UK based data-centres
  • Something for everyone (developer and novice-friendly hosting)
  • No contracts and a 30-day money-back guarantee

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