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How to integrate a WordPress blog in your Magento store

Tips and Guides/ 28th Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Regularly producing new content is one of the best things you can do to aid your SEO efforts. Normally, the easiest way to fulfil this is via a blog, where you can regularly post articles that are related to the main content of your site. Magento doesn’t have a built in blog but it’s fairly […]

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Make your Magento store faster with these simple tweaks

Tips and Guides/ 22nd Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Making your Magento store as fast as possible isn’t normally a quick and easy process and can involve many hours of server and code optimisations. A couple of quick and easy optimisations, are to combine CSS and JS files and flatten your catalog. Though you should really only do this if you have more than […]

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How to generate a sitemap for your Magento store

Tips and Guides/ 15th Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

If you want your Magento store to be indexed by a search engine, it’s important that you have a sitemap that search engine bots can crawl. You can read more about the importance of having a sitemap here Normally the sitemap needs to be generated manually. The good news if you have a Magento store […]

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Clook Launches New Magento Optimised Hosting Service

Company News/ 08th Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

As you’d expect of an award-winning provider of web hosting we’re always looking into ways of enhancing our service offering, something we’ve done recently with the launch of our Magento Optimised Hosting service. Why do I need an optimised Magento hosting service? The answer is quite simple – your customers expect more. The UK wide […]

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How to make Magento 1.9 faster by integrating CloudFlare

Tips and Guides/ 02nd Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Magento 1.9 is one of the easiest ways to make your Magento store faster. By doing so, you will ensure you are serving your static files i.e. product images, JavaScript and CSS from a server closest to your shoppers. This will result in faster Magento page load speeds […]

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