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Hard Drive Destruction & Server Removal

Security/ 30th Sep 2016/Jamie Hoyles

We recently employed an ISO accredited firm to carry out onsite Hard Drive Destruction of a number of drives taken from redundant servers. As part of our own ISO requirements we have Information Security Procedures that we adhere to and as such took time to research the many companies out there before committing to the […]

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How to integrate CloudFlare with WordPress

WordPress/ 29th Sep 2016/Will Cook-Martin

You’ve probably already heard of CloudFlare. They are a very popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider, offering plans on a freemium basis. In the guide below I’ll explain how to integrate CloudFlare with WordPress. The benefits of using a CDN have previously been discussed in our how to improve WordPress speed blog. In summary, a […]

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How to enable caching for your Magento store

Tips and Guides/ 26th Sep 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Magento is a great e-commerce solution used by many of our customers. Most probably because it is scalable and helps to reduce back-end administration. One of its downsides is that it can be a bit of a resource hog. We don’t for example recommend that you try to run a Magento store from a shared […]

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How to migrate your Magento store

Tips and Guides/ 20th Sep 2016/Will Cook-Martin

So you’ve made the decision to move your Magento store to a new hosting environment but you’re not sure how or you find the thought of doing so yourself quite daunting. Depending upon your knowledge, it’s fairly easy to move a single Magento install. There are essentially three steps to this; download copies of your […]

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How to migrate your WordPress site

WordPress/ 14th Sep 2016/Will Cook-Martin

“How do I transfer my WordPress site” is a question that our support team receives on a daily basis. Whilst we’re very happy to do this for you, just in case you fancied learning how to migrate your WordPress site yourself, we’ve included a step by step guide below. Did you know… If you are […]

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How to create a product in Magento

Tips and Guides/ 12th Sep 2016/Will Cook-Martin

A Magento store without products is well… not a store! In the following guide, I will talk you through how to create a product in Magento Before you proceed you should review how to add a product category in Magento and how to create a Magento attribute set. 1 Log into the Magento admin panel […]

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How to install WooCommerce

WordPress/ 07th Sep 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Today I’ll show you how to install WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an extremely popular WordPress plugin and e-commerce platform. It has been downloaded over 17 million times and according to powers over 37% of all online stores. I’ll also talk you through how to import dummy data, so that you get a good idea of […]

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How to create a Magento attribute set

Tips and Guides/ 05th Sep 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Following on from our how to add a product category in Magento guide, this week we’ll look at how to create a Magento attribute set. Whilst you could use the same attribute set for all your products, if you are selling multiple categories of product, I’d strongly advise you to setup a custom attribute set […]

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