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How to install a WordPress plugin

WordPress/ 31st Aug 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Last week I discussed how to install WordPress, today I will be discussing how to install a WordPress plugin using the automatic plugin install method. You can review other methods here. If you don’t know which plugins to install, you may find Jamie’s favourite free WordPress plugins an interesting read along with our how to […]

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PHP7 is coming!

Company News/ 26th Aug 2016/Arran Short

At Clook, we ensure PHP versions are 100% fit for purpose before making them available on our shared and reseller platforms. We have been testing PHP7 for some time now in both restricted and live environments. With a few select servers already having this installed, we are pleased to announce the second phase of our […]

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How to install WordPress

WordPress/ 24th Aug 2016/Will Cook-Martin

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in use today. According to, it powers over a quarter of the web including some of the most visited sites on the internet. It’s not surprising then that a large proportion of our incoming technical enquiries are WordPress related. As such we thought we’d use […]

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How to add a product category in Magento

Tips and Guides/ 22nd Aug 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Now that we have looked at how to install Magento, installed a Magento extension and a Magento theme, the next logical step is to create a product. After all a store without any products is, well… not a store! In order to create a product you first need to have created a category and optionally […]

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The Importance of Keeping WordPress Up To Date

WordPress/ 17th Aug 2016/Jamie Hoyles

Many of our clients use WordPress as their chosen content management system to host their website. No matter which hosting platform is used, it is imperative to keep the core install up to date along with any add-ons which may also be used. WordPress has 3 areas which should be updated regularly – the base […]

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How to install a Magento theme

Tips and Guides/ 15th Aug 2016/Will Cook-Martin

How to install a Magento theme is a question that crops up frequently. Installing a Magento theme is the quickest and simplest way to customise the look of your Magento store. Within a few clicks, you can go from the default Magento theme, to a theme chosen by you, which better represents you brand. The […]

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Domain Pricing Changes

Company News/ 15th Aug 2016/Chris James

We will soon be rolling out some pricing changes to our domain name services with some extensions getting a decrease in price but others unfortunately being increased. During our 15 year history we have never increased our domain pricing and instead have had two significant reductions in 2005 where .com’s went from £14 to £12 […]

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How to install a Magento extension

Tips and Guides/ 08th Aug 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Magento Extensions are fantastic. They enable you to add new features and functionality to your Magento powered stores, very easily. If you’ve not installed a Magento extension before, we’re here to help – the guide below will walk you through how to install a Magento extension step by step. Note This guide assumes you already […]

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My 5 Favourite Free WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress/ 03rd Aug 2016/Jamie Hoyles

I have been using WordPress for a number of years, initially putting together websites for family before targeting local businesses who did not have an online presence. One of the most impressive things about WordPress is the great range of functionality you can add to a website by using a plug-in. The more sites I […]

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How to install Magento

Tips and Guides/ 01st Aug 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Magento is the one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in use on the web today. It is trusted by some of the largest global brands including Samsung, Nestle, Nespresso and Nike, to power their online stores along with millions of small and mid-sized companies around the world. At Clook, one of our specialisms is […]

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