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Use Cloudflare as a traditional CDN

Tips and Guides/ 21st Oct 2015/Arran Short

Integrating Cloudflare into our cPanel servers has proven very popular over the years, however occasionally some customers do not require all of the features of Cloudflare and just want to use it more like a traditional CDN where static objects are accessed via a different domain or subdomain. We have been spending time working out […]

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Package changes – more than just a number

Company News/ 13th Oct 2015/Chris James

We occasionally get asked about increasing package specifications (possibly in line with more recent developments in hard drive capacities) thinking it’s just a case of us altering a few limits at our side so I thought I’d tell a story to provide some insight on how this isn’t always the case. Think of the scenario… […]

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@clookinternet going the extra mile with support for me today - thanks guys! #brilliant #perfect #web #hosting

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