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Nominet Introduce Shorter .UK Domain Extensions

Tech Talk/ 20th Nov 2013/Karl B

The body responsible for .UK domains, Nominet, have issued a press release today detailing the approval and subsequent plans to roll out the new shorter and simpler .UK ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain), due to be available from Summer 2014.  The new .UK domains will run alongside .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .NET.UK and so on.  The […]

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Create a Website with WordPress in Under 5 Minutes

WordPress/ 20th Nov 2013/Karl B

People come to us wondering just how easy it will be for them to get a website up and running using WordPress, along with some of the themes commonly found freely over at To answer that question, it’s easy.  Seriously easy. For new websites, a shared hosting account is all you need.  It features […]

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@clookinternet going the extra mile with support for me today - thanks guys! #brilliant #perfect #web #hosting

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