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How to find a good web host

Webhosting Articles/ 16th Sep 2012/Chris James

We often encounter new clients who have suffered bad experiences in the past with their chosen web host from various things such as poor server performance, lengthy downtime or bad quality after sales care. While things like this are often difficult to determine before ordering a web hosting account I am writing this article to […]

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New Website

Company News/ 12th Sep 2012/Chris James

After 2 years in the making with the involvement of 4 different designers I’m overjoyed to be writing this blog post about our new website. Much of the subject matter remains the same but we’ve modernised the look and feel of the site and also made a few things more prominent such as this blog […]

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@clookinternet going the extra mile with support for me today - thanks guys! #brilliant #perfect #web #hosting

Rob Allen


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